Forward/Adelante Hosts Wine and Business Event

Source: Newsplex | Oct 29, 2013


The business community had a chance to compare notes internationally.

Central Virginia businesses had the chance to meet with a delegation from Mendoza, Argentina and learn about their Festival of the Grape. Jim Cheng, the Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade, talked as the keynote speaker. Toma Que Toma, a professional flamenco fusion group, performed.

“Tonight was sort of the intersection of a diverse culture, the Hispanic culture, but also, wine, wine tourism, all things that are very important for our economic growth for the entire region and for the whole state,” said Cheng.

“We are so grateful that Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Jim Cheng, shared some words about all these movements and all these awareness{es} about the importance of breaking the cultural barriers, so that opens up just more opportunities to all of us,” said Olga Alcaide-Morse of Forward/Adelante.

Forward/Adelante is a multicultural business journal. It, along with Albemarle County Economic Development, held the event at the Glass House Winery in Free Union.

“It’s just a networking event where we can meet other folks from other communities and also even from even within our own community but they are very diverse,” said Olga Morse of Forward/Adelante.

The event was the last Forward/Adelante event of the year. The bilingual business journal hosts the events to try to bridge cultural boundaries and connect Virginia businesses.

If you’d like to join their networking opportunities, you can visit Forward/Adelante’s website here.

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